Privacy Policy

Privacy of our users is very important for us and we carefully take of it. This document describes how we use personal information received from our users or readers and how we use to enhance experience of user and make it more users friendly.




Web browser cookies are used by browser to store information. Web server use these cookies to store information of user in the browsers cookies and these are stored in the hard drive of your computer.


Sharing of personal information


We do not share personal information of our users. As our users are very important we take care of this fact and avoid sharing information of our users.


What we do with personal information


We collect the personal information of our readers for the following purposes.

  1. To enhance the experience of our user.
  2. We gets feedback from our users and we respond them regarding problems they face during accessing our site and information related queries
  3. To provide more information to our users regarding what they are interested to know through our website.



Changes in privacy policy


Homeremediesforgirls has the rights to change privacy policy at any time. But we inform our users by email alert regarding changes. We suggest our users that they must read our privacy frequently to look after changes done the privacy.  Our change in privacy policy will never open information of our valuable users.


If our users need any information regarding us or our privacy then they can contact using or can contact us using our contact us page.


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