5 Home Remedies Tips Remove Moles Without Surgery

Most of people suffer from marks on their body. Mostly moles are black and brown color but some they can also be red and pink. Most moles are harmless for body. Normally moles are come at the body time of birth. Some simple 5 home remedies tips which help to remove the moles.

Remove Mole

Coriander leaves

Take some coriander leaves and grind them properly. Make a paste of these grinded leaves and apply this paste on the mole.

Pineapple Juice

If you can then apply pineapple juice on the mole daily. It will remove mole. But it would be better if you will blend half pineapple and mix it in quarter cup of coarse sea salt to make a scrub and then apply this on the mole area. It will help you to remove mole.

Garlic paste

Create a paste of garlic and apply this paste on the mole for 20 to 30 minutes daily for 3 to 4 weeks. If needed then you can use bandage to make hold of garlic paste on the mole.

 Cashew Nuts

Take some pieces of cashew nuts and crush them properly (you can also use crushed cashew nuts).Now some water in crushed cashew nuts and make paste and apply this on the mole regularly to remove the mole.

Banana peels

Take some inside banana peel and put this on the mole and stick it with bandage to make better effect. Do this daily it will dry the mole and regular use of this will remove mole.

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