Best Upper Lip Hair Removal Tips

Upper  Removal


1. Prepare a paste by mixing turmeric powder and some amount of milk and apply it on your upper lips area. When this paste dries remove it by rubbing

2. Take small amount of turmeric powder and mix it in water and create thick paste. Apply    the paste on upper lips area where hair growth rate is high. Wait till this paste gets dry and then remove it by rubbing or by washing it with water.  Use this treatment daily for one month. The hair growth will get down and with regular use of this process hair growth will stop.

3. Create a mixture of lemon, sugar and water. Apply this paste type mixture on upper lips for 15 minutes and then wash gently with water.

4. Create a paste like mixture by adding corn flour, sugar in egg white.  Apply this paste on upper lips region and when it gets dry peel of gently. Constant use of this process will result in reduction in growth of upper lips hair. Use this process twice a week for good results

5. Honey and turmeric  A mixture of honey and turmeric powder is also use full if apply before going to bed. This will stop the growth of hair in mixture applied area.

6. Chana dal or Gram flour is also a great ingredient that takes off unwanted hair effectively. Take chana dal flour, turmeric powder and milk in small amount and make a mixture and apply it on upper lips area. Wait this to get dry and then wash with water or rub paste against the hair growth gently.

7. Create a mixture by taking equal amount of yoghurt, turmeric and Besan.  Apply this paste on upper lips and massage for few minutes and wait till it gets dry completely and then wash it with water.

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