Simple Home Remedies Treatment For Heel Pain

Pain in the neck could be quite troublesome, but aching feet aren't any less either Overworked lower limbs and shoes that don't fit comfortably can be excruciatingly painful to the feet.

Aching feet can also be a result of excessive walking, standing for a long time, especially on a hard surface and nutritional deficiencies.

Diabetics are more prone to the foot fatigue problems. But no worries! Try these home remedies that will give you relief.

Heel Pain

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So I will now tell you about some very effective and excellent home remedies that you can try to get relief from the foot pain. Hydrotherapy with hot and cold water is extremely useful in curbing soreness and pain in the feet. For this, you need to place your feet in warm water for about three minutes and then switch to cold water for at least 10 seconds or up to a minute. Repeat alternately a few times and end with cold foot bath. Instead of water, you can also use a heating pad and an ice pack. You can simply make an icepack by putting some ice in a cloth and use this as an ice pack. Do not try this if you have deep vein thrombosis or varicose veins and if there is swelling, you can simply use an ice pack.

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The next very effective and easy to do home remedy to get relief from your heel pain. For this you need a tub of hot water. We need to put 2 tablespoons of vinegar in it. You can also use sea salt or Epsom salt and if you do not have any these, you can simply use table salt. Mix it well. Soak your feet in this solution for about 15 to 20 minutes and now I will tell you about some easy to follow tips that will help you get rid of your heel pain. Give proper rest to your feet. Avoid standing for long periods on hard surface. Wear soft and flat footwear and include garlic, ginger and turmeric in your diet as they have anti-inflammatory properties. Now when then pain subsides, it is the time to Rock 'n' Roll :)

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You need to apply ice to the heel in a cold compress; it is one of the best natural ways to get relief from heel pain, numbing effect of cold temperature controls pain.

•Make a cold compress by putting crushed ice in a bag, wrap it in a cotton cloth, apply this to the heel and repeat it as needed.

•Another option is to freeze a bottle of water and roll it over a heel, Apply as needed.


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Massage is another natural treatment for pain in heel, it can provide you quick relief from pain, while it is a quick treatment but it is still not a long treatment option, it will relax the muscle and improve blood circulation.

You can massage your painful spot any time a day, and it is recommend before going for run and even before going on bed.

Any kind of oil can be used for massage

1. Apply some warm oil on the heel.

2. Use your both thumbs to apply pressure on the area for few times.

3. Repeat a few times daily.

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Fish Oil

Fish oil is good treatment option if you have heel pain due to bone spur. Fish oil helps reduce pain, it is rich in omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, and it can reduce muscle stiffness.

 •Consume up to 3 gram of fish oil twice in a day.

However it is recommended consulting your doctor.

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