Natural Remedies For Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a whitish liquid that is building in the uterus and is discharged by way of vagina. It is a very normal process and it commonly begins in a girl life when she is due to attain puberty or prior to menstruation. It is useful nature’s method of keeping the vagina healthy and lubricated. Women experience vaginal discharge all through their lives though it decreases after they reach the menopausal stage.

Normal vaginal discharge helps to maintain the vagina clean and healthy. It does not have a bad smell or you can also say that it has no smell at all and you may see the traces of discharge on your under garment. It is usual for vaginal discharge to increase under few conditions like- A some days before menstruation during pregnancy during ovulation Hormonal treatment Sexual excitement Emotional stress

Vaginal Discharge

Symptoms Of Leucorrhoea

Non-Stop Discharge which is thick and sticky.
Irritation and itching in the genitals.
• A strong and foul smell.
• In fast infection the discharge makes carry traces of blood and appears pinkish in tone.
Continual fatigue and discomfort with pain in calves.
Fever in case the infection is severe.
You can treat leucorrhoea with natural ways at the beginning of the problem and we avoid harmful side effects of medicines.

Natural Ways To Treat Leucorrhoea

  1. Amla

Amla helps to cure leucorrhoea. Take 3 grams amla powder and 6 grams honey, mix them to make a paste and take it 2 times a day for 30 days.

Take 20 grams amla juice mixed with ½ tea spoon honey for one month for positive result.


  1. Banana

You should eat banana each day when you are suffering from leucorrhoea. Eat one banana with milk and honey in the morning.

You can also cook raw banana to make vegetable and eat it with your meals. Mash two ripe bananas and mix it with 3 tbsp of honey and take it two three times a day.


  1. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is helpful when you eaten as a fruit or consumed as juice but for leucorrhoea its leaves also hold medicinal value.

Take 30 fresh pomegranate leaves, wash them thoroughly and grind them with 11 black peppercorns. Mix the paste with half a tumbler of water and strain it. Drink this liquid in early morning and evening of three weeks.


  1. Dry Ginger Powder (Sonth)

Take 2 tbsp of dry ginger powder and you boil it in 250 ml. Of water till the water is reduced to half. Drink this decoction for 3 weeks and you will be relaxed of leucorrhoea.


  1. Basil (Tulsi)

Basil has wonderful medicinal value. It has the power to cure a number of diseases and it can also prevent many ailments. You can use tulsi to cure leucorrhoea in various ways. Mix the juice of basil leaves and honey in equivalent proportion and take it in the morning and evening for 2 weeks. Now mix 1 tbsp tulsi juice with 1/2 tea spoon cumin powder and consume it with cow’s milk for 3 weeks. Take tulsi juice with crystallized sugar.


  1. Alum (Phitkari)

Alum is a natural antiseptic or phitkari and it can be taken orally or can be also used externally to treat leucorrhoea. Take ¼ tea spoon of alum powder with water 2 times a day to cure excessive vaginal discharge.

You can also dissolve alum powder in water and you can also use it as vaginal douche for treating the infection. This is a very effective home remedy to cure various type of infections related to genitals.


  1. Lady‘s Fingers

Prepare a decoction with 200 grams lady finger and 1 litre water. Boil till the water is reduced to half and divide the potion in 2 or 3 doses. Follow the treatment at least for a week for positive results.


  1. Rice Starch

Rice starch also helps to treat leucorrhoea as well as stomach disease. Boil rice and keep the strained water aside and drink it in small doses when suffering from leucorrhoea.

Rice Starch

  1. Fenugreek

Soak one tea spoon fenugreek seeds in water overnight and strain the water in the early morning. Add ½ tea spoon of honey to it and drink it on an empty stomach in the early morning. Now boil 2 tea spoon fenugreek seeds in a litre of water for 25 minutes and strain it. Use when it is cool.


  1. Guava

Boil a few guava leaves in 1 litre of water till the water is reduced to half. Cool it and strain it. You can use the water for vaginal douches two times in a day.

Medical care is necessary in the case of fast infection. It may become chronic if proper care is not taken to deal with the difficulty. Leucorrhoea is connected to increased stress level and a sedentary life style. You should follow a continually exercise regimen and keep yourself occupied in a few creative or constructive activities to maintain physical fitness and to decrease stress. Eat a healthy diet include of fresh vegetables like cucumber, tomato, radish, onion, carrots etc. Add fresh fruits and especially citrus fruits in your daily diet to maintain good health. You should Eat yogurt and avoid milk for some time till the discharge is severe. You should avoid fried foods and decrease the consumption of tea and coffee as they reason irritation and burning in the genitals.



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