Effective Home Remedies For Itchy Skin

What is Itchy Skin?

Itchy skin, known as pruritus is an uncomfortable skin irritation that makes you want to scratch the affected skin part to relieve the itching feeling. Itching is a common problem with everybody and may result in rash or a further condition. The major reason for itchiness ranges from dry skin, insect bites, skin lesions, internal illnesses such as kidney disease to skin rashes and allergies.

Itchy Skin

Common Causes of Itchy Skin

the following are the common reasons of itchy skin:

Skin lesions
Dry skin
Internal illnesses
Insect bites

Lack of hygiene

Home Remedies for Itchy Skin

Tip 1:

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is an helpful for antiseptic agent that helps to relieve dry and itchy skin. Wipe a cotton ball on the vinegar and apply on the itchy parts, this will help the itching go away.

Apple Cider

Tip 2:

 Aloe Vera

Aloe vera works wonders to treat itchy skin. Just slice a part of aloe vera and rub the gel on the affected skin area. This helps to relieve you the irritation and swelling of the skin.

Aloe Vera


Tip 3:

Basil Leaves

Basil leaves contain a substance called eugenol, which is a very useful topical anesthetic. Boil a few basil leaves into a tea, allowing it to cool then you can use a cotton ball and apply on the itching part.

Basil Leaves

Tip 4:


Mint is one more herb that has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that is mostly used to get rid of the itchiness. This can be applied in the similar manner as basil on the itching area whenever it’s needed.



Tip 5:


Oatmeal is another useful remedy that is used for dry itchy skin, as it helps to moisturize the skin. Mix oatmeal in water and you can apply the mixture on the irritated skin, leave for 10-15 minutes then wash off with cold water. Repeat this home remedy till the itching stops.

Oat meal

Tip 6:

Essential oils

Essential oils like chamomile oil, clove oil, neem oil and so on are some of the finest essential oils for treating itchy skin. You can also add some drops of any essential oil to your bath water or apply it on your skin.

Essential oils


Tip 7:


Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, has bleaching assets and it is a very effective remedy to treat itchy skin. Slice a lemon and press out the juice then apply it directly on the itchy part of skin that helps to relieve from skin irritation.


Tip 8:

Coconut oil

Coconut oil can work wonders for treating dry or itchy skin. Now you can apply coconut oil directly onto the affected area of skin. You can also soak in lukewarm water then pat yourself dry and now apply the oil all over to help improve the irritated skin.

Coconut oil

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