7 Tips For Soft Skin

When we are born, our skin is clean, shiny, clear, soft and smooth. On the other hand, as the years go by, we are introduced to harsh elements, pollutants and stress. Our skin starts to feel less like it used to. It becomes hard or rough to the touch. But! All's not lost.

The largest number of organ of your body - your skin – Basically we needs some small changes to go back to being soft, clean and silky to touch. Try these 7 tips for soft skin.


Soft Skin

Effective 7 Tips For Soft Skin

1. No scalding Hot Showers:

It's Attractive, mostly in winter, to take a steaming hot shower every day. However, in the process, our skin is being stripped of precious oils and moisture, leaving it dry, flaky and hard to touch. For soft skin, we should try to create a habit of showering in cold or lukewarm water. 

2. Moisturise Daily:

In order for skin to be soft, it wants to be moisturised. One of the important times to moisturise is just after you've bathed in the morning. Your skin is soft and will easily soak up moisture. If your skin is very sensitive, you could try baby oils for silky skin. 

3. You Should Change Your Diet:

If your daily diet is composed of processed, greasy or fried foods, it'll show on your skin and leave it dull and tired. We should balance out your diet with vegetables, juice and fruits that are lots of vitamins and minerals. If you're a non-vegetarian, you can add more fish to your diet - 3 fatty acids that keep your skin supple and soft. 

4. You Should Protect Your Skin:

Soft skin needs to be sustaining, but it also requirements to be protected. The sun's rays, though beneficial in many ways, can also cause sunburn, a tan and can toughen your skin. Mostly use an SPF protector at any time you go outside. Olay has a great range of skin moisturisers with SPF 24 sun protection. 

5. Exfoliate:

A buildup of dead skin cells reasons your skin to look tired. In order to keep your skin soft, exfoliate it twice a week. It helps to clears the oil and dirt that clogs your pores and leads to acne and oily skin. Although exfoliation is essential, it also dries out your skin. You could balance this out by doing a steam previous to exfoliation. Or moisturise your skin after you've exfoliated it.

6. Exercise and Rest Daily:

It may seem paradoxical but you require both sleep and exercise to have soft, delicate skin - they're both excellent stress busters. While you go for sleep relaxes the body exercise gets your blood circulating throughout your body and keeps your skin firm and supple. 

7. You Should Maintain a Steady Skincare Ritual:

Choose loofahs that don't rub away at your skin. Be attentive with the products you use - like soap or body wash etc. Wash your face regularly, and moisturize regularly. We should don't rub away at your skin with a harsh towel; pat it dries with a soft cotton one. There are a lot of small things you can do. However, every person's skin is highly individual and every skincare routine is different. Once you recognize your daily routine - stick with it! 

With just some changes, like these soft and shinny skin tips, you'll see a big difference. These tips help to show you how to get soft and shinnying skin naturally and will give you the chance to rediscover your skin.

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