Natural Ways to Treat Sensitive Teeth Effectively

The sensitivity in the teeth occurs due to the exposure of tooth enamel’s softest part called dentine. This dentine is connected to the teeth in form of tubes filled with fluid and when we eat hot or cold items this fluid moves suddenly causing pain.

The most common causes include improper brushing, gum disease, teeth grinding, and receding gums.

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Apart from these Toothache symptoms are also caused by

  • Cavity problems
  • Wearing of Tooth enamel
  • Bruxism or grinding of teeth
  • Inflammation of the tissue present around the teeth.
  • Severe pain in chest, arms, neck, and inadequate blood supply to heart are also some of the reasons.


How to Stop Tooth Ache?

Though Tooth ache occurs due to several reasons there are some natural remedies which give a quick relief when there is extreme pain and no possibility of visiting the doctor.  

Sensitivity of tooth is due to Enamel erosion the strongest pigment in the human body. It is the utmost priority to take care in reducing Enamel’s erosion.

Best Natural Ways to Treat Sensitive Teeth Effectively

The following tooth ache home remedies are quite useful in preliminary cases. These include:

1.    Brush your teeth daily atleast twice to avoid building up of plaque that even damages the enamel coating and causes cavity. Use a smooth brush that will not hurt the gums and follow the brushing way at 45 degree angle so that the Bristles reach the contact of gums and teeth.

Brush your teeth

2.    Baking soda reduces the sensitivity of teeth and regains its original strength. Add little amount of baking soda to half glass of water rinse your mouth thoroughly with it before brushing.

Baking soda

3.    Week or bleeding gums also affects the sensitivity of teeth. Chewing gums are the best handy means to reduce the pain. This is suggested by doctors as well.

Chewing gums

4.    Mouth Wash consists of fluoride which is quite effective in reducing the pain. Dilute it if required while using.

Mouth wash

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5.    Clove Oil: It acts as a natural anesthesia to remove pain but care must be taken while applying so that it does not come into contact with other oral parts such as tongue.


6.    Salt Water is an excellent remedy for tooth pain. It cures sensitive tooth. Salt water has bacteria eliminating properties and reduces the bad toothache.

Salt water

7.    Garlic: Garlic also relieves extreme tooth pain. Smash one or two garlic cloves and along with salt put it on the tooth and rub it for few minutes. Repeat this frequently to avoid further pain.

garlic cloves

8.    Tea Bags: Place the peppermint tea bag in refrigerator for few minutes and put the bag on tooth which is aching for some time. This relieves the pain temporarily.

Tea bags

9.    Coconut Oil: Place a little amount of coconut oil on the teeth and rub it for few minutes and leave for more 10 minutes. This reduces the pain as the oil eliminates the bacteria causing plaque.

Coconut oil

10.    Food containing artificial sweeteners, junk foods, acidic contents, garlic or strong odor foods are to be avoided as possible because they causes tooth decay and enamel reduction along with color change. Check our list of super foods and healthy food for good health.

11.    Grinding the teeth frequently will affect the enamel loss and gums thereby.

12.    Treat the affected gums so that they will not further cause any loss in enamel. This is also caused by hard brushing. This is to be treated by dentist or dental care.

Depending on the severity of the problem there are certain treatments such as root canal, filling or even tooth extraction in order to prevent the pain from further transferring to other teeth. The above mentioned home remedies are for less severity in pain and for quick temporary relief.

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