Do not Ignore It May Be Starting Of Diabetes

Today numbers of people suffering from diabetes are increasing day by day. Diabetes is curable but not preventive. Means once a person caught by diabetes he can only cure but can’t prevent totally. But if we know in early stage then it will be easier to cure it.

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What is Diabetes?

When we eat something our body turns the food into sugar or glucose. Now our body cells need to consume this glucose and this work is performed by the pancreas. Pancreas is our body organ when produces a hormone called insulin which helps the glucose to enter into the blood cells and consumed by body cells to provide energy to our body. But sometimes this functionality does not perform properly and from there started suffering from diabetes. But if we come to know at early stage about diabetes we can cure it easily.

Types of Diabetes:

1.    Type 1 Diabetes.
2.    Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes: This is also called juvenile diabetes. This type of diabetes can be occurred at any age. Mainly it affects children and young adults. In this type of diabetes cells which produces insulin inside the pancreas are destroyed by immune system of our body. Due to which we don’t get key to open the cells so that they can absorb glucose for energy. For this type of diabetes patients needs insulin daily. This type of diabetes mainly found in 15 to 20 % people.

Type 2 Diabetes: This type of diabetes found in 85 to 90% patients. Mainly people over weight or age more than 35 years suffers from this type of diabetes. In this type of diabetes insulin produce by pancreas by that is not enough to open the cells so that they can consume energy. To cure this type of diabetes medicine is given to patient so that insulin works properly and sometimes injection is used to maintain the level of diabetes in body. But if diabetes is not cured at right time then it can damage kidneys, liver eye vision etc.

If we come to know the starting stage of diabetes then we can cure it properly. Following are some symptoms from them we can know the starting of diabetes so that we can cure it properly.

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1.    Fees more thirsty than regular: When we feel more thirst then usual then it may be chances that we are suffering from diabetes.
2.    Passing more urine: when we pass more urine as compared to regular then it may be symptoms of diabetes.
3.    Feeling lethargic or tired: When we fee lazy or tired then it can be symptoms of diabetes. Because energy need by body cells to produce energy don’t get enough glucose because of lack of insulin. So we feel tired in spite of good diet.
4.    Feels more hungry then usual: When we feel more hunger then usual then it may be symptoms of diabetes.
5.    Wounds heal slowly: Any cut in body takes more time to heal then it may be symptoms of diabetes.
6.    Skin infections and itching:  When our body faces more infections then normal then it may be chances of having diabetes.
7.    Blurred vision: When we suffer from blur vision suddenly the it may be starting of diabetes.
8.    Weight Loss: when there is sudden weight loss then it may be chances of diabetes.
9.    Gradual weight gaining: If anybody gains more weight gradually then it may be starting of diabetes.
10.    Headaches: Feeling headaches daily may be because of diabetes.
11.    Feeling Dizzy: When we feels
12.    Leg cramps: When our legs started cramping then it may also because of diabetes.

How diabetes managed: Type 1 diabetes patients are given insulin injections daily with health life style. So that level of glucose in blood remains to its best needed level. Type 2 diabetes patient are given tablets to maintain sugar level in the blood. Exercise also helps in type 2 diabetes

Right time to check diabetes:

1.    We must check the diabetes with fasting stomach means without eating or drinking in the morning. This will let you know that how much insulin needed by body to control the sugar level in the blood.
2.    We can test diabetes before each meal. This will tell us how much medicine is required to maintain sugar level in the blood.
3.    After meal and before bedtime. This will tell you that you are taking proper amount of medicine to maintain level of sugar in the blood.
4.    Before any activity. This will let you know that if anything needed to maintain sugar level in the blood before any activity so that we can take snacks to maintain sugar level in the blood.

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