How to Say Bye Bye Glasses With Natural Ways

In modern life, computer, TV and mobile have become an integral part of people's lives. Weakness in the eyes of the people has become very common now days mainly in small children. Nowadays every second person is using glasses because of weak eye sight.

So many people have become habitual of using glasses at an early age. But we can say bye-bye to glasses by using some home remedies. Following are some home procedures or treatments which will help you to say bye-bye to glasses.

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Effective Natural Way to Say Bye-Bye Glasses

1. Take almonds, fennel and sugar candy in equal quantity and grind them properly. Mix 10gm of this mixture in 250 ml of milk and take this milk containing mixture before going to bed at night. After regular use of this treatment you will find that you eye sight getting improved. It may take 40 days to take effect of this mixture. But remember one thing that never takes water after having this milk up to 2 hours.

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2. The higher amount of vitamin C in Amla (gooseberry) is very beneficial for the eyes.  We can take Amla as powder, capsulse,jam and as juice.  We can take Amla as following way to improve eye sight.
a. We can take Amla juice with honey in the morning with fasting. This will help to protact your eye sight.
b. We can also take Amla powder in the night. We can take Amla powder with water before going to bed. This will also improve eye vision.
Only follow one way for eye vision improvement.

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3. Put one tea spoon of Triphala powder in a glass of water for whole night. In next morning filter the water and wash your eyes with filtered water. If we put fresh water in mouth during washing the eyes with filtered water then it will provide good effect to improve eye vision. Following this treatment daily will show you result in one month.

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4. Carrot contains phosphorus, vitamin A , vitamin C and Iron in a good amount. So taking carrot daily will help you to improve eye vision. We can take carrot as salad or we can also take carrot as juice. This is very good and easy way to improve eye vision.

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5. Blue berry is very good for eye vision as it increases the flow of blood in body. Taking blue berry daily improves the weakness of eye vision.

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6. We must take a good and balanced diet so that we will remain away from eye diseases. We can take carrot juice, green vegetables, egg, fruits, milk etc in our diet as they are rich source of vitamin A which is very rich sources of vitamin A.

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