Top 8 Things Do not Do After Just Having Meal

To eat well and nutritious food doesn’t mean you are going to be healthy. But it also depends on what we do and what we must not do just after taking the meal. We get the benefits of nutritious food if it is absorbed by body completely. But many of us people doesn’t know what they must not do after having meal because it may affect their health.    

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       Don’t Do Following These Things after Just Having Meal

  1. We Must not Go for Walk Just After Having Meal: We must not go for walk just after the meal because it affects the circulation of blood in the body. We can go for walk after half an hour.  Going for walk just after the meal can cause acid reflux problem. So keep a difference of half an hour before going on walk just after having meal.


  1. Acid Reflux: At the entrance of our stomach there is a valve called lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Normally this sphincter closes as food passes through it. But if this valve doesn’t close then acids produced by stomach can move up to our esophagus. This can cause chest pain or heart burn. These symptoms are called acid reflux.


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  1. Don’t take Bath Just After the Meal: We must avoid taking bath just after the meal. Because while taking bath our body become cool and due to that it affects the blood circular of our body. Due to this digestion speed of food becomes slow and this may causes the acidity and constipation problems. We can take bath after half an hour of taking the meal.


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  1. Avoid Smoking Just After the Meal. : Those who have habit of smoking must avoid smoking just after the meal. There must be a difference of at least 2 hrs after the meal. Because smoking done just after the meal affects your health 10 times more as compared to normal smoking. Smoking just after the meal may increase the possibility of cancer and may also cause the heart disease and breathing problems.


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  1. Avoid Taking Fruits Just After the Meal: We must don’t take food just after the meal because taking fruits just after the meal don’t let them to digest properly and due to that we don’t get the whole nutrition of the fruits we needed. This may cause acidity or indigestion.  Taking food just after the meal causes overeating and this may increase obesity.


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  1. Avoid Tea Just After the Meal. :  We can take tea after two hours after having meal. Taking tea just after the meal doesn’t let digestion of protein properly and causes the problem of indigestion. This happens because tea leaves contain the acidic property in it. So we must avoid taking tea just after the meal. We must provide gap of 2 hrs after the meal to have tea.


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  1. Don’t Use Belt Just After the Meal: We must not Use belt just after the meal. We can use the belt after half an hour. Because this may affects our digestion badly and also affects our intestine and intestine may also block because of this.


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  1. Don’t Brush Just After the Meal. : We can brush the teeth after half an hour just having the meal. We must avoid brushing the teeth just after the meal because whenever we eat something sweet or sour enamel of the teeth (outer layer on the teeth) becomes weak. Doing brush after the meal can damage the enamel of the teeth. We must keep a gap of half an hour just after the meal.

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  1. Avoid Water During Meal: We must avoid drinking water during meal or just after the meal. If needed then take little amount of water during meal. If we take water during meal or just after the meal then it dissolved with the acids produced in stomach to digest the food. And due to this food will not digest properly and may cause problem of indigestion. So Drink water during meal in little amount. We can drink then water after half an hour just having the meal.


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