Home Remedies To Balance Hormones Naturally

What causes unbalanced hormones?

Hormones are simply chemical messengers present in the human body, created by endocrine system and releases into the blood. Each function is unique and responsible for all mental reactions and physical or bodily changes such as stress, anxiety and overweight, underweight …..so on.

Different hormones regulate our body daily and also affects largely in females between the stages of puberty (period during which adolescents reach sexual maturity for reproduction) and menopause (period in which menstruation comes to end).

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Hormones fluctuate very rapidly and their effect is called hormonal effect. This phenomenon changes menstrual periods, pregnancy related issues, menopause, Fertility problems adrenaline effects such as breathing, blood circulation etc.,  

The reason is due to that these hormones may be excessive or less in amount which leads to several health problems

Imbalanced hormones symptoms are fatigue, giddiness, over tiredness, irregular menstrual periods, high blood pressure, blood sugar, Irritation, lacking in sleep, acne related problems, Memory and attention problems, Thyroid, belly and large stomach pain problems, Depression, Inactiveness or Moody behavior, Regular headaches, excessive weight gain, drastic weight loss excessive sweating loss of sexual interest (Libido), Breast size changes(shapeless breasts) and many more.

It is very important to regulate hormones naturally by taking some wise precautions and by choosing best food for hormone balance.

Best Home Remedies To Balance Hormones Naturally

  1. Drink plenty of water. A natural way to keep you active.
  2. Avoid processed foods particularly ready to eat junk foods that contain preservatives.
  3. Cut down the sugar content in your diet as much as possible.
  4. Chocolates, candies immediately relieves you from stress and are intermittently chosen to eat but not all the times as they increase unsaturated fat in the body which further leads to many mental and physical problems.
  5. Avoid oily and spicy foods. These increase not only fat content but also causes unnecessary anxiety to the human.
  6. Natural sweeteners such as honey, dates, Jaggery are more fetchful than normal sugar.  
  7. Fruits are more effective than fruit juices.
  8. Fresh vegetables either taken directly that are easily digestible and boiled vegetables specifically cooked in pressure cooker or closed condition do not lose natural nutrients and vitamins which are helpful to the body.
  9. Exercise or a fresh walk during early morning not only keeps you fit but also builds mental strength. In addition swimming burns a lot of your calories and energizes you.
  10. A moderate walk every day relieves back pain, neck pain and knee pain which are quite common these days due to long working hours in front of computer. This is practically proven one.
  11. Exposure to sun daily in dawn time is powerful natural therapy which enriches vitamin D supplement.
  12. Yoga or mental exercise is very important to balance stress related hormones.
  13. Take utmost care to enrich vitamin D and have calcium rich products for healthy bones. Raw milk is preferred if you are comfortable.
  14. Avoid caffeine products that increases rate of heart beat which causes high alertness.
  15. Avoid maida and bakery food.
  16. Avoid alcoholic consumption.
  17. Consult elder and experienced people on how to manage stress.
  18. Play with children atleast once in a week.
  19. Plan activities that boost your interests such as music, painting, dancing or any art.
  20. Use Stress-relieve oils for physical therapy and have hot water bath.
  21. Avoid strong odor perfumes, spirits or other related chemicals which causes uneasiness and irritation there by affecting the hormones.

These Natural remedies for hormonal balance become very useful to avoid imbalances. Focusing on particular type of food following things are considered.

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Fats are necessary for the body up to some extent. These useful ones are Omega 3s.These play a key role in the human body. The below mentioned diet balances your hormones naturally and provides a solution for hormonal imbalance. This protein rich and nutrient plenty sources boosts your energy and relieves you from the stress. These super foods include

1. Avocados green color pear shaped fruit health care, home remedies, super food

2. Fish or other quality seafood

3. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds

4. Olive oil

5. Grass fed meats

6. Raw diary (preferably)

7. Flax seeds

8. Pastured eggs

9. Whole grains

10. Organic foods such as sprouts

11. Coconut oil is good enough in balancing hormones so one can use a little amount of it during meal but to compromise with the taste.

These will act as hormonal imbalance supplements.

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