Home Remedies Tips to Protect Your Skin in Sunny Days

Summer has on its way and women are worried for their skin. Mainly working ladies/girls suffers more in summers with skin problems mainly darkness of the skin (tanning) and pimples on the skin. As many ladies/girls are working so they have not enough time to go parlors and not able to take care proper care of their skin. But there are so many home remedies which are very helpful to protect skin in summers. Many of the females don’t know these home remedies. But we are providing some home remedies which are very helpful to protect skin in summer.

These home remedies are easily found at home, but due to no knowledge of them we don’t know the benefits of those remedies.

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Water: Water is very good and needful for our life. Water is one the best home remedies which throw out the toxins inside out body. We must take good amount of water daily because due to summers dehydrates a good amount of water from our body.  We must take at least 15 to 20 glasses of waters daily in summers so that make our skin remain fresh and protect our skin from pimples by removing toxins from our body. We can also take juices, green tea, coconut water and butter milk etc as these liquids also contains good amount of water in it and keep our body cool and release heat from body. In this way water keeps our skin healthy, glowing and pimple free.

What to Eat: We must take good and healthy diet in summers. In summers we must take those fruits and vegetable much in amount which contains good amount of water in it. We must avoid snacks and salty food less as they can produce hydrating effect on our body. We can take water melon, cucumber, oranges and lettuces in daily diet as these products contains a very good amount of water in it and give anti-oxidants and nutrients. We must take green vegetables in our daily diet as they keep our immune system in good health and also reduces stress level of body.

Use of Sunscreen lotions: In summers mainly we must use sunscreen lotion with high amount of SPF. Sunscreen lotion protects our skin from harmful ultra violet rays of sun. We must apply sunscreen lotion 30 minutes before going outside.  We must also avoid going out between 1 to 4 pm as ultra violet rays are very harmful during this time. Use sunscreen lotion after every 3 to 4 hours and try to use water proof sunscreen lotion.

Exfoliate The Screen: If we want our skin glowing and healthy then we must exfoliate the skin in regular manners. Exfoliating the skin helps us in removing the dead cells from every part of the skin and keeps the skin glowing healthy and fresh. We can exfoliate the skin by using some home remedies. Scrub helps in removing dust particles from the skin and keeps it clean and healthy. We can create our scrub at home using following procedure.

Mix oatmeal, milk and besan in good amount and make a scrub. Now apply this scrub on whole body and keeps it for 5 minutes and then rinse of. Follow this at least 2 to 3 times in a week to get glowing, healthy and fresh skin. Scrub actually removes the dead skin cells and dust which makes our skin dirty and very prone to pimples.

Use of Cleansing Milk: We must cleanse our skin daily to get glowing and fresh skin. For better results we can also do the same twice a day. Following are some homemade cleansing milk we can use for better results.

Raw Milk: Raw milk (not boiled) is very good cleanser we can use at home. Take little amount of raw milk in bowl and soak milk cotton balls in it and rub softly these cotton balls on the skin. This will clean the skin and makes it glowing.

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Besan,Turmeric Powder and Milk:  Take two table spoon of besan and mix single spoon of turmeric powder in it. Now add enough amount of milk in it and apply this mixture on face, neck and on arms. Leave this paste for 5 minutes and then rinse off with water. Try this every day or alternate day for better results.

Yoghurt and Honey: Yoghurt is very good cleanser. Mingle one table spoon of yoghurt and one table spoon of honey in it. Now apply this mixture on face neck. Leave this for 5 minutes and then wash away with water.

Moisturizer:  Moisturizing the skin is very good for glow. It doesn’t depend on weather. We must moist the skin with some moisturizes. We must keep in mind that we must prefer always water based moisturizers not the oil based moisturizer. We must use the moisturizer at night before going to bed so that it will help in glowing skin as it will show its affect whole night.

Toning: Toning the skin keeps the Ph level in our body. It also helps in removing dirt, toxins from our body and keeps the skin healthy. We can make a natural tonner at home by combining equal amount of glycerin and rose water. Apply this paste on face every night and this will remove dust, dirt pimples, blackheads and other marks of the skin


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