Super Food Needed for Good Health of Pregnant Women and Her Baby

During pregnancy a pregnant women must take care of her health as well as the health of her baby. During pregnancy women needs extra nutrients in her food to balance the health of herself as well as baby growing inside her. During pregnancy baby growing inside the pregnant women consume nutrients from her mother so it is very important that pregnant women must take a good and balanced diet, so that pregnant women and her baby gets all the nutrients needed for good and healthy development of her baby. If pregnant women will take good and healthy foods during pregnancy then it will prevent complication mainly faces during pregnancy and growth of baby will not be affected due to deficiency of vitamins, minerals etc.


Healthy Food

Following are the main foods which needed during pregnancy.

Eggs: - A normal egg contains approximately 90 calories. It contains 12 vitamins in it and minerals also. Egg also contains protein contents in it which are very important for pregnancy. Eggs are also rich source of choline, which helps your baby’s overall growth and health of the brain.

Salmon (Fish):- Salmon is also very rich source of high quality protein and also very good source of omega-3 fats, which are very good for the development of your baby. Salmon contains very less amount of methylmercury, a compound found in the salmon which is very harmful for the nervous system of your baby.

Beans: - Beans like black beans, pinto beans, lentils and navy beans are so many beans you can choose to have in your diet. Beans are very rich source of fiber and proteins. Fiber containing food keeps away you from constipation problems normally women faces during pregnancy. Beans are also good source of calcium, zinc and iron.

Sweet Potatoes:- Sweet potatoes contains orange color as it contains carotenoids  compound in it. Carotenoids is plant pigment which converted to vitamin A in our body as our body needed. Sweet potatoes are also good source of vitamin c, fiber and folate. So pregnant women must take sweet potatoes in their diet because it is very good for the growth of baby and also very good for pregnant women.

Whole Grains :-- Include whole grains in your daily diet as they are very good source of fiber and loaded with  other ingredients like selenium and vitamin C. Pregnant women must whole grains in their daily diet for the development of the baby. A whole grain also contains phytonutrients, which is a compound found in plants which help us in protecting cells. So make whole grains as super food in daily diet mainly for pregnant women.

Walnuts:-Walnuts are very good or rich source of omega-3s. As we know that omega-3s are very important for the development of the baby. So must take walnuts during pregnancy. Walnuts are also good source of protein and fiber. So pregnant women must take walnuts as snacks or in addition to salad.

Greek yogurt: - Greek yogurt contains twice the amount of protein as amount found in normal yogurt. So pregnant women must make yogurt their favorite food. Yogurt is also very rich source of calcium, which plays very important role during pregnancy.  Calcium is very important for the bones of baby.  So pregnant women must take Greek yogurt in their diet because it provides good skeleton structure for your baby.

Green Vegetables:- Spinach, Swiss chard and kale are some leafy vegetables which are very rich source of Vitamin A, C and K and also contains folate in it.  Green vegetables as we know are very good for eye sight as it contains Vitamin A in very good amount. So pregnant women must include green vegetables strictly in their daily diet as it is very good to them as well as for their baby.

Lean Meat: - As we know that protein are the very important as they are building blocks of every cell in our body. It also acts as building block for your baby’s body. Lean meat contains high quality protein. So pregnant woman who likes to have meat can take lean meat in their diet for the growth of their baby.

Colorful Fruits:- Eating color full fruits daily means you and your baby getting different types of vitamins and minerals. Each colored fruits provide different type of vitamin and mineral. So women must eat plenty of fruits during later stage of pregnancy so that pregnant women and their baby may get different types of  vitamins and mineral for the development of their baby.

Berries:- Pregnant women must take berries as snack in their daily diet. Blueberries and black berries are loaded with Vitamin C, folate, fiber and potassium. So Pregnant women must eat berries during their pregnancy to consume vitamin C, fiber, potassium.

Below showing the list of nutrient rich in folate, iron, calcium and protein


 Source of Folate

Source of Iron


Dark green leafy vegetables


Citrus fruits

Dried beans and lentils

Enriched breads or cereals


Lean red meats and poultry

Nuts and peanuts butter


Dark green leafy vegetables

Dried fruits


Source of Protein

Source of Calcium

Lean meats






Soy Products

Peanut butter



Ice Cream


Cottage Cheese



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