Top 10 Drinks to Lose Weight

Today’s life is very fast and we face stress and strain and not able to take meal at right time so got fat deposited in our body. We can burn this extra fat by taking some drinks. Extra fat in our body is a direct interaction to diseases.  Following are some home making drinks which are very helpful in removing extra fat from our body.

Drink Lose Weight

Vegetable Juice: - In vegetables juices following are the best juices we can have in our daily life.

1.        Cucumber Juice:-Cucumber juice accelerates the metabolism of body as well as also helps in providing glowing complexion. We can have cucumber juice before any meal.

2.         Celery Juice: Taking celery juice daily is very good to lose weight rapidly. It burns the extra calories and reduces weight. It also helps in removing constipation problems.

3.        Carrot Juice:- Carrot is very good to take in salad. But we can also take juice of carrots. Carrot juice is very good source of dietary fiber which helps in reducing extra body fat.

4.        Cabbage Juice:- Cabbage juice is very good vegetable juice.  Cabbage juice contains high levels of fibres which help in reducing body weight.

5.        Beetroot Juice:- Beetroot juice is very good energy juice which boosts our stamina. Beetroot juice is very good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber which helps in loosing extra body fat.

  Grapes Juice:- Grape juice is very good source of vitamin C. So it helps in reducing weight. Grape juice is very good to maintain the metabolism of the body

1.        Take bunch of grapes and wash them. Now blend them to get juice from grapes. Now take this juice. As grape juice contains vitamin C, it helps in reducing body weight.

2.        Taking grape juice daily in the morning during breakfast will reduce your body weight fastly.

Green Tea:- Green tea is also a very good source which helps in reducing weight from body. It contains antioxidants and also helps in maintain metabolism of the body. Taking green tea in the morning and in the evening daily will reduce body weight fastly.

Water:-  Water is very good natural and effective health drink which helps in reducing the weight. We must take 8 to 12 glasses of water daily. Taking at least 8 to 12 glasses daily will flush out extra toxins from the body through urine.  One more important thing while taking water is we must avoid taking water after or during meal or we must take only small amount of water if required during meal or after having meal. This is because after having meal some acids are secreted in the stomach to digest the food. But taking much water with meal, water mixes with acid and makes them less effective to digest. We can take water after half an hour after the meal.

Honey And Lemon Juice:- Taking honey and lemon juice daily in the morning will help you in reducing extra body weight.

1.        Take a lemon and squeeze its juice in a glass. Now add one table spoon of honey in it. Now add water to this and stirre properly so that honey and lemon get mixed properly. Now have this drink.

2.        To get effective and rapid result from this juice take this juice in the morning with empty stomach and don’t eat anything up to one hour. Take this juice in the morning and also in the evening.

Coconut Water:- Coconut water is very good energy booster drink. It helps in maintain metabolism and good source of electrolytes. This helps in reducing weight.

1.        Taking 2 glass of coconut water daily will boost your body with energy required for whole day.

2.        It helps in removing toxins from our body.

Skimmed Milk:- Skimmed milk is very good to lose weight. Skimmed milk contains no fat as all the fat removed from it.  Skimmed milk prevents addition of calories to our body. Calcium present in skimmed milk makes our bones strong and also helps in removing extra weight from out body.

Cranberry Juice:- Cranberry juice is also very good source which helps in removing weight loss. Cranberry juice contains antioxidants in it and helps in removing extra weight from out body. It also helps in preventing water retention in our body. Always try to have fresh cranberry juice because bottles juice may contain extra sugar or preservative. 

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