Healthy Food Help to Protect Your Eyesight

Weak eye sight increases problem as age increases.  Some children suffer from this in the early age. We can resolve these eye sight problems by including healthy food in our daily diet. Vitamin A is very important for our eyesight, so we must have vitamin enriched food in our daily diet. Following are some healthy foods we can have in our daily diet.




1. Spinach is enriched with vitamin A which is good safeguard for our eye’s important part cornea.

2. Spinach also enriched with Zeaxanthin which helps in the eyes visual development.

3. Lutien is nutrient found in spinach which defends our eyes from ultra violet rays from sun.





1. Carrot is enriched with beta carotene which is very help full in preventing night blindness.

2. Carrot also helps in maintaining cornea healthy.

3. Carrot also contains lutien which is also a good safeguard for eyes.

4. Carrot are also good enriched with fibre and potassium




1. Blueberries are having one of the highest antioxidant capacity compared to all other fruits. So it is very good for our good eye sight.

2. Blue berries helps in improving our eye vision, protect eyes and helps in improving reverse vision loss.


Sweet Potato:-

Sweet Potato

1. Sweet potato is good source of vitamin A. So it is a ideal food for our eyes.

2. Intake of sweet potato in diet also helps in improving eyesight.

3. This also helps in preventing cataracts, glaucoma and muscular degeneration.

4. Taking of sweet potato also helps in curing viral infections or bacterial infections.

5. Sweet potato also contains potassium, beta carotene and fiber in good amount.





1. Peppers are good source of vitamin A and C.

2. Vitamin A helps in maintain eye sight.

3. Vitamin C is very good safeguarding against cataracts.

4. Pepper are very good source of lutien, beta carotene, zeaxnthin and vitamin B6.  These helps in improvement of eyesight and also a good safeguard against viral infections and dangerous ultra violet rays of sun.




1. Walnuts are rich source of fatty acids.

2. Walnuts also contain zinc and vitamin nutrients and also different oxidants.

3. Walnuts help in preventing inflammations in the eyes.






This fruit is very good for eyes.

1. This fruit contains good amount of lutien which helps in preventing muscular degeneration of the eyes.

2. Lutien contained in this fruit also helps in preventing contracts.

3. Avocado also contains nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and beta carotene which provides good eye sight

4. Avocado also helps in improving poor eye vision.




Broccoli as compared to other vegetables contains good amount of nutrients which helps in maintaining good eye sight.

1. Broccoli is good source of vitamin B2. Lack of this vitamin nutrients can cause eye strain,blurred vision or sensitivity to light.

2. Broccoli helps in preventing cataracts.

3. Broccoli contains anti oxidants which are very important to maintain good eye sight or vision.

4. Broccoli contains lutien and zeaxanthin which helps in making our eye sight healthy and sound.




1. Strawberry is very good source of vitamin C in fruits which helps in maintaining good and healthy eye sight and also helps in reducing inflammation in the eyes.

2. Strawberry contains different types of antioxidants which helps in preventing the drying up of eyes, helps in averting muscular degeneration and helps in improving eye vision.


Green Vegetables:-

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables and leafy vegetables are very good and enriched source of vitamin A and vitamin A is very good for eye sight. We must take green vegetables in our daily diet.  Following are some good source of vitamin A

1. Collard greens.

2. Turnip greens.

3. Kale.

Black Eyed Peas:-

Black Eyed Peas


1. Black eyed peas contains zinc nutrient in good amount.

2. Zinc mineral that is required in the retina as well as for the preservation of the blood vessels which distribute the blood to eyeball.

3. Zinc obtained from black eyed peas can help to prevent vision loose as well as cataract formation.




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