How to Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Ad double chin is the fat deposition under the chin or near the neck which look likes the chin and called double chin. We can get rid of this using some home remedies.


Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

What are the main causes of double chin?

  1. Genetics.
  2. Aging.
  3. Excess weight.

Genetics: If anybody in our family has double chin then genetically we can get double chin.

Aging:  As our age goes high fat deposited down our chin and double chin get generated.

Excess weight: A person having excess weight can have double chin. When weight around neck and below the chin get accumulated then it look likes double chin.

It is not necessary that we can’t get rid of the double chin but some home remedies can remove double chin or can reduce fat at that area.

Following are some home remedies which help in removing double chin.


Chewing Gum

We can remove extra fat from out neck and chin by doing some mouth exercise. To perform mouth exercise chewing the gum is best exercise to reduce the fat from chicks. Gum containing sugar or sugar free gums both are good, but sugar containing gum can increase intake of sugar in your diet. So avoid taking sugar containing gum and prefer to take sugar fee gum. Chewing gum daily is good to get result fast as it will reduce more fat.


Massage using wheat germ oil

Massage using wheat germ oil will also help in decreasing the fat accumulated from our chin. We must massage daily before going to bed. Procedure of doing massage must be from bottom of the neck toward the chin. By doing massage daily it will tighten our skin below the chin and will reduce extra accumulated fat from neck and chin. Daily massage of wheat germ oil will show good results in reducing the fat from the chin.


Egg White

White egg is very good home remedy to reduce the double chin fat.  Take egg white of two eggs and add  one table spoon of milk, one tea spoon of peppermint oil, one table spoon of honey and one table spoon of lemon juice. Mix the entire intergradient properly and then use this paste on the neck and on the area below the chin. Left this mask on the neck and chin for half an hour and then wash off with water. Following this procedure daily will show you better results.


Taking vitamin E in Food

Vitamin E is very good for the healthy skin.  It maintains the elasticity of the skin by nourishing it. So we must take vitamin E much in our daily diet. The main source of vitamin E includes brown rice, daily products, legumes, apples , leafy vegetables, sweet corn, soybeans etc. include these food item in your daily diet and you will get far from double chin.


Cocoa Butter

Massaging the neck and chin fat using cocoa butter helps in reducing the double chin accumulated fat. Massing using cocoa butter increase the flow of blood in the skin and which helps in reducing the fat amount and also tighten the skin and maintains the elasticity of skin. Massage the area of the skin at least 10 minutes daily to reduce fat content fastly.


Chin Exercises

There are so many exercises which helps in reducing extra fat from neck and chin area.  Rotate our neck clock wise and then anti clock wise. This exercise will help you in decreasing fat and also tighten the skin. Keep your mouth open for few seconds and then close, do these up to 15 to 20 counts daily whenever you get time. Perform these exercises   several times in a day for better results.



Glycerin mask is very good home treatment to reduce accumulated fat from neck and chin area.  Take one table spoon of glycerin and mingle half table spoon of Epsom salt and few drops of peppermint oil. Mix this intergradient properly and then apply this on the neck and chin area using cotton balls. Left this mask for half an hour and then wash off with cool water. Use this mask daily 2 to 3 times to get better results.



Water melon juice is also very helping full in reducing double chin fat. Take small amount of melon juice and mix equal quantity of apple juice in it. Apply this juicy mixture on the neck and chin area using cotton balls and massage. Left this mixture on the skin for 2 minutes then washes off.  This will help in reducing extra fat accumulated below the chin.

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