Home Remedies Tips for Clear Constipation Issues

Constipation is very big problem in today’s life as there is not a regular and scheduled routing of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because life is very busy we have become dependent of fast food and this irregular routine of having meals we suffer from constipation. But we can prevent this using home remedies. Following are some home remedies we can apply to get rid from constipation.

Clear Constipation Issues


Required: Lemon, warm water and honey.

Directions: Extract half lemon in warm glass of water and mingle one table spoon of honey in it. Take this in the morning with empty stomach and don’t eat anything up to 1 hour and you can also take this in the evening for good results. This also helps in removing extra fat from the body.



Required: fennel

Directions: Take a cup of fennel and dry roast it. Store the powder in a flask. Have a  half tea spoon of this powder with luke warm water daily. This home remedy is very effective in case of constipation.


Amla powder

Required: Amla powder

Directions: Amla powder is very helpful in digestion. Take one tea spoon of Amla powder home remedy with Luke warm water in morning with empty stomach or in the night before going to bed. This is very good remedy to remove constipation.



Required: Raisins

Directions: Take some raisins and soak them in water for whole night and then take them in the morning with empty stomach. Raisins are enriched with fiber so it helps in removing constipation.



Required: Figs

Directions: Take some figs and boil them with milk. You can take this mixture at night before going to bed. Take this as warm.



Required: Isabgol

 Directions: Mix a tea spoon of Isabgol in Luke warm water and take this before going to bed. This is very good home remedy for bad constipation


Epsom salt

Required: Epsom Salt

 Directions: Mix two tea spoons of Epsom salt in a glass of fruit juice or simply normal water and take it. In case of children mix only half spoon of Epsom salt.



Required: Yoghurt

Directions: Take at least one cup of yoghurt daily to avoid constipation.


Ginger Tea

Required: Ginger

Directions: Ginger tea is very effective to remove constipation.


Hot Water

Required: Hot water.

Directions: Make routine of having warm water for drinking maximum times you can do. This helps in removing constipation.



Required: Flaxseeds

Directions: In take some amount of flaxseed with luke warm water in the morning in daily routine to avoid constipation as flaxseeds are very rich in fiber.



Required: Fenugreek seeds.

Directions: Soak some amount of fenugreek seeds in water for whole night and then drink this water in the morning. This is very effective home remedy to remove constipation.


Spinach Juice

Required: spinach juice

Directions: Take spinach juice twice a day for bad constipation. This is good home remedy for constipation.

Castor Oil

Required:Castor oil, milk.

Directions: Mingle one table spoon of castor oil in warm glass of milk and take it before going to bed. This home remedy is very effective to remove constipation.


Seed Mixture

Required: Sun flower seeds,flaxseeds,sesame seeds and almonds

Directions:Take 3 to 4  seeds of sun flower, some flaxseeds, some sesame seeds and some almonds. Grind them together and make a fine powder. Take a one table spoon of this home remedy mixture in daily routine remove constipation.



Required: papaya, guava, prune, oranges, pear.

Directions: Papaya, guava, prune , oranges , pear are some fruits which we must take in daily routine. These fruits are very effective to prevent constipation.

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