12 Home Remedies Remove Blackness From Under Arms

Today’s life is very fast and busy mainly for women  who works in office as well as at home, so women are not able to go any parlor because of shortage of time. Due to lack of care some time their under arms becomes black. Because of blackness in the under arms she feels shy and avoid to wear sleeve less dresses. But there are some home remedies which she can use at home and remove this blackness from under arms.

Potato (Aaloo)

Requirement:  one fresh potato.

Direction to Use: Take a potato and cut it into slices so that you can these slices on the black affected area under the arms. Regular practice of this will remove black affected area from under arms and make under arms shiny.

Lemon (Nimboo)

Requirement:  One fresh lemon.

Direction to Use: Lemon is good to take as juice but it also effective externally to remove blackness from under arms. Make some pieces of lemon and rub it on the blackish area of the under arms. Use this daily as lemon remove dead cells so that new cell will generate and blackish area will change into shiny.

Cucumber (Kheera)

Requirement: One fresh cucumber.

Direction to Use: Rubbing cucumber slices on under arms helps in removing blackness of under arms.


Requirement: One tea spoon of curd, two tea spoon of milk and small amount of flour.

Direction to Use: Create a past by mixing one tea spoon of curd, two tea spoons of milk and some amount of flour and apply it on the blackish under arms.  This mixture will help in removing accumulated dead cells and make the skin shiny.

Coconut oil

Requirement:  Coconut oil.

Direction to Use:  As we know that coconut oil is a very power full home remedy to remove wound dark spots and also very help full to remove the spot. In the same way coconut massage on the black affected area under the arms helps in removing dead cells and make the skin shiny.


Requirement:  Powder of peels of orange, Rose water.

Direction to Use:  Peel some oranges and put the peels in the sun to make them dry (1 or 2 days.). Now grind these dry peels and make powder of it. Now daily create mixture of this powder by mixing rose water and some amount of milk. Now apply this scrub type paste on the affected area of under arms. This home remedy will help to make skin glowing and soft.

Baking Soda and Rose Water

Requirement: Baking soda and rose water.

Direction to Use:  Rose water is normally a beauty product. Which help us to make our skin glowing.  Scrub of baking soda and some rose water also helps in removing the dark dead skin cells and in this way makes the under arm black skin glowing  shiny  and soft.

Turmeric & Lemon Juice Preparation

Requirement: Juice of fresh lemon, turmeric powder.

Direction to Use:  Take a lemon and squeeze it into a bowl and mix some turmeric powder in it and make a liquid paste and apply this paste on the black skin of under arms for 20 min. and then wash it. Use this process daily to make the under arms glowing and shiny.

Honey and Lemon

Requirement: Honey and fresh lemon.

Direction to Use:  Take some amount of honey and mix it in lemon juice and apply this liquid paste on the affected blackish area. This can be done every day before shower. Put this paste on under arms at least for 20 minutes and then wash it with water.

Cucumber and Turmeric:

Requirement: Cucumber and turmeric powder.

Direction to Use:  Made a mixture of cucumber juice and some amount of turmeric powder and apply this on the blackish skin under the arms. This will help in lightening the darkness of the skin.

Sandalwood and Rose water

Requirement: Sandalwood powder and rose water.

Direction to Use:  Mingle some quantity of sandalwood powder (chandan powder) in little quantity of rose water and apply this blended mixture or paste like scrub on the blackish skin under the arms and put it for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it with water. This will help in removing dead skin cells and make the skin glowing and shiny.

Vinegar and rice flour

Requirement: Vinegar and rice flour.

Direction to Use:  Vinegar as home remedy also helps in removing dark skin from under arms. Make a paste of rice flour by mixing vinegar in it. Apply this paste on the affected dark skin under the arms. This will help in removing darkness of skin and make it glowing.

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