7 Home Remedies Tips for Nail Care

Nail Care

Every girl wants that their nails look clean and shiny and must be strong and must grow fast. This can be achieved by making nails clean and use some remedies to make the nails strong, healthy and growing fast.

Today everybody wants their nails to be strong as well as shiny. But due to fast lifestyle and lack of knowledge of home remedies we don’t care them and results in brittle nails, breakage, splitting and other nail problems.

Following are some remedies we can use to make our nails clean, shiny and healthy with fast growth.

1. Water

Very easiest way to make nails clean shiny and glossy drink water how much can You drink.

2. Lemon

A good process to make nails clean takes lemon juice and put your nails into it for some time and then washes nails with hot water and you can also use moisture after washing the nails. You can also use squeezed lemon to clean nails by rubbing softly on the nails and then wash hands with warm water

3. Mustrad Oil

Put you nails into lukewarm mustard oil for 7 to 10 minutes. Then rub nails slowly and softly  this will help your nails to get healthy, strong  and fit

4 Olive oil

Olive oil is also a good remedy to make nails strong by putting nails in olive oil for 15 minutes every alternate day.

6 Almond Oil

You can also Sock  your nails in a mixture of olive oil, almond oil and milk at least 3 times in a week. This will help your nails to be strengthen

7.Cuticle cream

Apply nail nutrients such as cuticle creams and almond oil before bedtime  so that nutrient get absorbed properly without rubbing and nails will get long exposure for nutrients.

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